Why we needed a better record crate

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There is an incredible resurgence of vinyl. Along with streaming music it is the only form of music sales that has been growing the last several years. The vinyl LP has been around since 1948. Even after all this time there isn’t a perfect “it-does-everything” storage solution.

If you want to protect your investment in records ($20 average cost) you need to store them properly Records do best when kept upright because they tend to take on the shape of what they’re stored in. A common solution is a milk crate because they’re nearly free and a lot of collectors would much rather spend their hard earned cash on getting more records. The problem is a crate full of vinyl weighs around 40 lbs. Those plastic crates just aren’t going to hold their shape so they bend and sag. Any plastic will. Unfortunately that will also bend and warp your records. So that is one of our primary concerns. They needed an unyielding shape.

Lots of records obviously take up lots of space. Whether they’re part of the space and meant to be visible or in permanent storage until the mood strikes. They are going to take up the same amount of space. So our solution had to be accommodating. Our crates had to stack well for a book-case style display or upwards and protected for permanent storage. So we designed a special interlocking joint that keeps it from tipping and controls the stacking.

We wanted a portable solution. Be it vinyl or whatever you store, how often do you need to move it? We always seems to be on the move. It’s great that I can just grab a crate and go. The ability to keep its shape isn’t dependent on it being that fixed piece of furniture in my living room. Although, they do look great as furniture. If I want to bring my newest stuff closer to the music I can. It works just as well on the go! Toss it in the back of my car or truck and I don’t have to worry.

We also wanted a permanent solution. Something of lasting quality that would hold up to the wear and tear of real use, yet was light enough to be portable. It’s a great thing to be able to grab your favorite records and throw them in the back of your car, truck or van as you head off. Wine crates are another common choice for their portability. Few are the right size to stack so you end up with a mish-mash jumble of odd sized unstackable record sprawl. The other problem is hardware. The stray screws or nail that snag the record sleeves or loosen with wear. After you’ve carried them a few times they start to work themselves loose. It’s not a great feeling to be carrying something that you treasure and collect in something that could break at any minute. It’s a sad day when you decorate the sidewalk with records and wasted money.

That’s what we’re about. We’re about the music. We’re about being a better part of something that people already love. Come support us as a local business, support us for your passion or just love our passion. Thanks!

We can be found on:
website – http://waxstacks.com
kickstarter – http://kck.st/1dGhZGI

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On June 24, 2015

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