International Shipping

Are You Looking to Order Internationally?
We have stopped directly allowing online orders with international shipping. Don’t get me wrong, our crates are indeed worth it which explains our Aussie customers coming back for repeats (shipping costs to there are more than the cost of the crates).

If you’re willing to arrange all the shipping we will gladly assist in shipping. The simplest way for us to get crates to you is for you to arrange shipping through an international freight forwarder. Contact a reputable one and provide them the dimensions and they will provide you with package routing info. This will typically include a reference number and their receiving address. Then simply place your “domestic” order with us and we will ship your order to the freight forwarder. Once they receive it they can provide tracking for their leg of the shipping process.

Our packaging is as follows and for 5+ crates will be shipped in multiples of the below. Use these values when coordinating with your shipper.
1 crate: 12 lbs, 16in x 16in x 4in
2 crates 24 lbs, 16in x 16in x 8in
3 crates: 36 lbs, 16in x 16in x 12in
4 crates: 48 lbs, 16in x 16in x 16in

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