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  • Wax Stacks on Kickstarter

    Ridges and Locking Features

    EXHIBITED FEATURES: This photo shows the side view of how the panels interlock. It slides through and click – locked. The wavy ridges you see right in front of

  • Wax Stacks record crates go together without any tools

    Tool-less Crate

    EXHIBITED FEATURES: Tool-less. Did I mention that these go together without tools or fasteners? That means no brads/staples that loosen up over time. No loose screws

  • Wax Stacks crates are built to easily move. Is your crate system this mobile?

    Crates On The Go

    EXHIBITED FEATURES: On the go! Our crates are designed to fit every facet of your lifestyle. Stack them next to your system – BEAUTIFUL. Take them wherever you go

  • Closeup of Wax Stacks record crate with our Hifi system

    Bookcase-Style Crate Stacking

    EXHIBITED FEATURES: Closeup of our crates stacked “bookcase-style” with the racords facing towards you. The gear in the picture is a project Turntable and a Sony

  • Wax Stacks Record Crate Close-up

    Crate Closeup

    EXHIBITED FEATURES: Here’s a closeup of the crates with a turntable stacked right on top. They’re built to be stacked and sturdy enough to stack anything

  • DJ Stand

    EXHIBITED FEATURES: This is a simple DJ Setup with 4 crates and something thrown on top to make a instant table. Simple, self-sufficient way to DJ – a few crates

  • Wax Stacks Record Crates Stacked Up

    Stacks of Wax

    This image was posted for advertising our Kickstarter launch on June 15th, 2015 (2 short weeks). Permissions are given for re-posting/sharing these images if unaltered.