Stacking Ridges

June 27, 2015

The final vinyl storage solution! Get those records out of the basement and into the living room.

Crate are built to stack. One downside with using milk crates is they aren’t designed with records in mind. They just don’t stack well and when stacked they aren’t safe. Not to mention they sag…

WAX STACKS are built to stack to match your use.

  • Want a bookshelf? Flip them around so they stack with the opening facing you and you can easily see your entire collection.
  • Need to store them out of the way? Then stack them up and keep your records safe! Plastic crates sag. There just isn’t getting around it and when it happens your records will warp. Our design is sturdy and won’t sag.
  • The alternating ridge design allows our crates stack and stay put!

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