Thanks for helping us get the word out about our Kickstarter Project. We love our idea and are 100% grateful for your help in getting the word out. The campaign launches on Jun 15, 2015 and we’d love your support in spreading the word about that day. As I’m sure you’re away Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing approach, so getting our momentum on day one is paramount! Thank you!

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Wax Stacks is a new Kickstarter campaign where you can buy new vinyl LP record storage for as little as $60. Within 1 hour the project already passed 10% of it’s 35K goal. These highly stylish wooden crates have a clever design that can be assembled without the need for any tools, is easily shipped collapsed and go together as quickly as a five year old’s puzzle. Simply snap, snap, snap, snap and you’re done.

Built from sturdy hardwood, Wax Stacks crates are said to last a lifetime. Of course they can also be used as a book case, toy box, audio accessory storage, etc. Made entirely in the USA with sustainable (i.e. conservatively harvested and sensibly produced) baltic birch plywood. Of course you can easily stack them up on top of one another to make a large and efficient storage wall or stand. The crates are portable and have handles so you may toss it into your car, truck or van and head out to a party with your vinyl stash. On Kickstarter at


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