Can I still buy Records?

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I still get asked if “they” still make records. The reality is more records are being made today than ever before. From a recent Newsweek article 2014 saw a 50% increase in vinyl sales from 2013 and this year looks to grow at the same rate. 9 million new vinyl records sold, Lazeretto sells 40,000 albums opening week, and on and on you can find metrics to backup the popularity of this medium. As big as vinyl is now, I realize it’s still a niche business in the greater music landscape.
Let me tell you what I love about my records. Each one was picked up, handled, inspected and analyzed by me, judged worthy of the investment by me. My relationship with a record is deeper than a file I clicked or ripped or streamed. There was effort involved and the asset is tangible. I could pass this down to my kids. In fact I still have an emotional connection to the albums of my boyhood family home. I can’t help but get drawn in whenever I hear Rocky Mountain High because of the ritual involved in playing it back as a kid. The Hifi seemed like magic to me. My connection to each record deepens every time I go back to my collection and scan the spines to pull out an album and look at the cover art or read the liner notes before I clean and prep it for playback. The fact that you cannot be inattentive keeps me in the moment for the entire album. The effect of a record to engage all my senses makes the whole experience more fun to me.  If you love music then I think te answer to “can I still buy records?” is simple. Why wouldn’t you buy records? If you’re going to buy records, whey wouldn’t you buy Wax Stacks record crates to keep them safe forever.

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» Blog » Can I still buy Records?
On June 24, 2015

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