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Today was an amazing day. While in NYC for my regular awesome job (thanks Kimber Kable) I was able to attend a very special event at Battery Mastering Studios The RIAA recognized Sony and it’s Legacy recording label for 25 years of amazing work. The chance to listen to to master tapes, safety backups, first pressing vinyl, multiple iterations of CD release and finally the 96/24 high resolution archival formats was unbelievably cool. The legendary mastering engineers at Battery Studios were amazing. The dedication they have for the work they do is obvious and inspiring. This is the place that Sony is preserving and prolonging all the music you love and tons of music you’ve never heard of. History is not only being preserved at Battery, but history is being made by their efforts. . The passion Mark Wilder, Vic Anasini, Matt Cavaluzzo have for music is something we can all relate to and hopefully tap into in our own ways. This is the exact motivation behind Wax Stacks, a love for our music and a need to care for it moving forward. We need your help to make this a reality

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On June 27, 2015

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