Kickstarter 1st week in review

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We’ve been trying to find that delicate balance between being informative and being annoying. A huge thank you to all our supporters. Here is the play by play if you want to know what we’ve been up to.

  • Monday morning started out with a series of emails to Kickstarter to release our project. Apparently when you submit a question about any aspect of your campaign Kickstarter places the project in review thus delaying your launch. Sorry to all the folks who had confirmed taking part of our event on Facebook. We sent out emails, texts and phone calls to everyone we thought would be interested. Despite the delayed start we ended the day pretty strong.
  • Tuesday – press day: Our emails have started to bear fruit. Our friend Steven Rochlin at Enjoy the Music featured us on his Industry News section. Jerry DelColliano of and sent an announcement to all of his subscribers as well as hooked us up with another online tech site that we hope to make a big announcement next week.
  • Wednesday – More emails, phone calls & backers! We made some more crates at the mill today and hope to get a few into the hands of the press.
  • Thursday – We’re getting interest from some major retailers and manufacturers looking for big quantities. It bums me out that Kickstarter isn’t really set up for this kind of “bulk” business. This is exciting news for after the campaign. It looks like we’ll be nationwide for the holidays!
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday – The weekend is an absolute blur. We’ve been prepping and packaging crates, shooting more photos & video. The response and comments to the Kickstater campaign is encouraging.  We closed the week at a little over 20% funded. We were hoping for more.

That’s the wrap up. We’re all working hard & eager for the next few weeks. We’d love to hear any suggestions on ways we can improve our campaign. Check it out at

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» Blog » Kickstarter 1st week in review
On June 24, 2015

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