Why Kickstarter?

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So Why Kickstarter?

Just to give you a rundown of our intentions I thought it would be a good idea to explain why we’re choosing to do a Kickstarter campaign. Well, crowdfunding works for us on a few different levels. Frankly speaking, we’re new. We don’t have a huge following of customers that inherently know what we’ve been working on. We don’t have enough money to make this happen on our own. What we do have is a network of friends that believe in us and hopefully (hint, hint) support us. What we also have is a dream to build a fun, new product and on top of it hopefully build a new company. That’s where you and Kickstarter come in.

Kickstarter is a way for new ideas to come to fruition. We’ve got a proven product. We’ve had several prototypes that we’ve made better and better until we felt we “got it right”. Then we made it on a small scale. But to really make it happen we need to leverage some economies of scale in order to make it affordable. I believe our crate really is a thing of beauty. Something you may not fully get from a lifeless picture. It is pretty to look at. It really is. Great wood grains. Nice lines. However, to see some of the things that make it truly great, you really need to get your hands on it. It’s as functional and clever as it is a work of art.

When was the last time you bought something in a box that needed to be assembled that didn’t need any tools? How about furniture? Have you ever bought a rack of shelves or a bookcase that didn’t need a thousand screws, dowels and a cheap hex wrench to put it together? That’s what we’ve created—something that goes together on its own, stacks on its own and looks dang sexy doing it. A storage solution that simply snaps together and it’s sturdy enough to hold 40 lbs of records, hundreds of Hot Wheels cars or whatever. This is our idea. This is our baby. It’s not just a box for records, although it works ingenuously for that. It’s about creating something new. That’s what Kickstarter is for.

So how does crowdfunding work? Well, the idea behind Kickstarter is that it’s a place where a large group of individuals vote to ultimately decide whether something is made or not. You vote with your money and your help. When you do they call you a “backer”. We have a goal. We need at least $35K to make these. To do so Kickstarter allows us to give “rewards” to contributors. As a bonus for contributing to our success we get to offer “rewards”. You can contribute any dollar amount to our campaign, so the level of “rewards” differs. But basically there are a few small levels where you can chip in a couple of bucks and say “hey, that’s a cool idea” and get a thank you note or something from us. The higher contribution levels are typically the product we’re trying to build (in our case a record crate). By the way, your “pledge” or contribution only gets charged if we actually hit our goal.

So, get a great idea, tell everyone and start building it. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite. Kickstarters only run for 30-60 days. So it’s a very short timetable to get all of our friends, our networks, etc to chip in and help make it happen. Also, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing type of deal. If we don’t reach our goal, then no credit cards get charged and we won’t be able to make them. Ok, that’s it for my gloomy downside to underbelly of Kickstarter – it’s over quickly and we’ve got to reach our goal.

So what can you do? Well, I’m glad you asked. Go to the Kickstarter page and contribute on the first day. Even $1 helps. This is critical. We need to build a ton of momentum as quickly as possible. Most of the campaigns that don’t fully fund in the first week or two tend to fail. It’s best if you actually want a crate or two. Like I’ve said, the crates are perfect for records and so much more. Our kids use several of them for toy boxes. They’ll also make a great modular bookcase.

Please also send our link out with a personal endorsement that you know the guys involved and believe in the product. The campaign is only a little over 30 days, so time will be working against us.

Tell us about anyone you know in the media or any other professional avenue that you know about that we should contact to broaden our net.

Thanks for believing in us!!
Jeremy, Nate and Nate

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On June 7, 2015

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